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Amazing curling

Make your favorite styling never been so easy, and in a flash, you can get perfectly smooth, undulating results. So how do you choose the best curling wand? Curls no longer resort to permanent and when we want it to be a real revolution that iron for curling hair makes us live because in the shortest time possible to turn every nose into such a masterpiece to those who can guarantee only your hairdresser’s confidence.

What colors should you choose for summer? Ideas and practical tips from Perfect Crazy hairdresser at Lurate Caccivio

I immediately give you some practical advice, based on my experience here in the salon, Perfect Crazyat Laureate Caccivio , (keep in mind that we…

Crazy colors for your hair for the summer, tips and advice from Perfect Crazy, hairdresser at Lurate Caccivio

I’ll answer you right away because we are here for the summer and because these are questions that I often get in the salon, Perfect…

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